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Hello there fandom, I’ve been seeing a lot of reposting lately in the fandom and I kind of wanted to address it. Please, please, please read and reblog this! 

First thing’s first, reposting is not okay. Repeat: NOT okay! If you see something you like on tumblr, you do not save it and repost it, but reblog it. People make edits and graphics spend lots of painful time in Photoshop trying to contribute to the fandom and it’s practically a slap in the face when they see one of their works reposted. See this little symbol here: 


You press it and the picture goes to your blog, for those of you that didn’t know. 

Well, maybe you see an edit shared to weheartit like this one: 


(Edit by olympiandemigods, btw.)

And you like it so much, you want to share it with tumblr, so you save it to your computer. THAT IS INCORRECT! 


Instead of clicking “share to tumblr” or saving it and reposting it, there is a link where the edit can be FOUND ON TUMBLR that you can go and reblog. That’s the best way to do share something you like to tumblr! 

And, I just want to clear this up because I’ve been seeing this a lot lately:

Users attacking other users for reposting their edit. That is not okay either. It’s pretty much making you look just as bad as the person that ripped it off from you. 

Example: Making a post with a screenshot of the edit with a description saying: THIS BITCH IS HORRIBLE UNFOLLOW HER AND REBLOG THE ORIGINAL

ok cool!!!1!!! good 4 u!!!!1!!1!!1

No, not good for you. You just got the whole fandom riled up. Yeah, so, someone reposted the edit. You have a right to reblog the repost and say, “This is my edit, please reblog the original.” You do not have the right to call them names. Because do you know what that results in? It results in that user receiving anon hate. And that, is making you worse than the reposter him/herself. That user is a person, just like all of us on here, and yeah, they might be an ass on the internet, but they certainly do not deserve anon hate. 

The next thing I want to cover is removing the credit in a description. I’m pretty sure this gets on my nerves worse than reposts do. 

When people change the URL in the description. 

Oh fuck, that shit pisses me off. 

See here we got a perfectly good post: 


And then someone comes along and changes the underlines url link to their username/url to make everyone think it’s theirs. 



Then someone goes and changes the url to theirs. If you see this, and it’s a different user from the source, change it back please! 

If you are having problems with users doing this to you, go to the and block the user that is doing it to you. 



Easy-peasy lemon queezy, see? All right, any questions, comments or concerns, just ask me! Thank you so much for reading! 

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